About Us

Meet The Three Boomsticks

The Three Boomsticks was founded in 2017 by real life partners and dynamic duo Eric and Christi Herron. We are a small family run web-based specialty retailer offering a select collection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise tailored for big and little nerds alike.


Why We Started

First and foremost, we are BIG geeks. Always have been, always will be. We get nerdy for oh so many different fandoms and subjects across the Geek spectrum.

Originally, we really just wanted to find a way to share our passion for all things nerdy with our two most favorite people in the universe. Our kids.


Our kids didn’t pick the geek life, the geek life picked them.

From day one, we have shared our love of all things geek with our children.

I mean, while other parents name their kids after family members or whatever is trending at the time, we took a slightly different approach. We chose to name them after some of our favorite fictional characters; Loki + Indy.

While their names have sparked up a lot of interesting conversations with friends and new-comers alike, what we found is that, there are a lot more people like us out there than we realized. People who are looking to share their passions and interests with those they love the most.

Thus, The Three Boomsticks was born!


We’ve got our big-kid pants on now! (and they’re brown)..

Not only do we offer a variety of geeky products through in-stock and pre-order merchandise available through our site, we also deliver a selection of exclusive and one-off items available through our ebay shop (the.three.boomsticks).

Stay tuned for our Monthly Mystery Box Flash Sales and new merchandise.


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Not only did we start The Three Boomsticks as a way to get nerdy with our kids and share all the geeky things we love with them, but also to make memories and grow together. As part of that, we occasionally do unboxing videos with our children, Loki + Indy via YouTube. Feel free to check us out and subscribe, and don’t forget to be excellent to each other and stay groovy!

- The Three Boomsticks